Control Log

Write down, filter, search anything what is happening and affecting your work and your company. With pre-defined forms logging events like breakdowns or accidents has never been easier, further more it provides unity across all entries in the log making it easier to read and work with.

Pre-defined forms for unification and order
Breakdown and accident entries
Accident form
Edition of created entry

Lost Milage Log

Everyone tries to avoid and minimise company's lost mileage. However, when it has to be logged it should be quick and easy. Again here you can use pre-defined form to select bus stops between which service did not operate and distance will come up automatically.

Lost mileage log entries
Filter available in every log
Edition of lost mileage log entry
Deleting a log entry requires confirmation

Overtime log

The more drivers in the garage the more chance for unexpected to happen. Sickness and domestic situation as best examples force duty managers/controllers to break duties into smaller bits. No matter if it is overtime for drivers after/before their shift or journey covered by spare driver, keep everything under control in one organised tab.

Overtime log entries
Filter available in every log
Edition of overtime log entry
You have to confirm your choice to delete an entry

Drivers monthly

Register drivers duties, sickness, absences, holidays, work rests and so on in one highly customisable table, providing basis for further reporting and reference.

Drivers monthly table
Drivers monthly dialog window


All reports are updated a few seconds after data has been inputted and saved in the data base, for that reason we can say the software provides an instant reporting solution. Do not wait until tomorrow to finalise the day. If it is saved it is available. Some reports are pre-defined some you can generate on request providing criteria you require.

You can browse, print or export all your reports.

At the moment we have set up four pre-defined reports we thought might be useful:

Drivers seniority list

Provides a list of currently employed drivers based on time spent with the company

Drivers seniority list

Weekly summary report

Combined report showing daily and weekly figures of your choice, eg. number of people off sick

Weekly summary report

Weekly accident report

Detailed information on accidents, like driver and vehicle involved, etc.

Weekly accident report

Weekly breakdown report

Detailed information on breakdowns, like location and breakdown reason, etc.

Weekly breakdown report

As reports differ from company to company we will set additional reports to match company requirements upon signing a contract.

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